We have extensive knowledge in circuit design

Our strenghts include:

  • preparing schematic
  • creating libraries of symbols, footprints
  • making PCB layout of design
  • high speed design interface (LVDS, USB, PCI express , SATA , HDMI, DDR MEMORY, processor links, Video)
  • RF design (loop antennas, GPS, WIFI)
  • power supply devices
  • low power supply
  • simulation of analog and digital circuit using LT Spice, Spice, ModelSim
  • FPGA programming
  • software programming – architecture ARM, x86, microcontrollers
  • test circuit for verification ic chip
  • prototyping developments boards, starter kits
  • measurements
  • technical support


Bare metal

Low level firmware desing and programming for projects based on current microcontroller and microprocessor architectures, like ARM, MIPS, PIC etc. Creation of bootloaders for projects requiring updates in the field.

Real Time Operating Systems

Desing and programming of RTOS-based systems (e.g FreeRTOS). Modifications of existing projects.

Embedded Linux

BSP creation for projects, Kernel modifications, creation of user- and kernel-land drives. Design and creation of software for linux-based systems.


Customisation of upstream BSPs to meet project requirements. Various device and subsystem driver creation.